Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just pottering

We've been pottering around doing bits and pieces, finishing off topics, reading and craft making at our leisure. Makes for a much more settled home I find. The rain has finally eased off, although we still seem to get a huge cloud burst at least once a day. The veggies have grown lots during our tropical period. We've noticed mini peppers beginning to emerge on the two pepper plants and some tomatoes are appearing.

Ben has been reading some Dr. Seuss books he'd borrowed from the library and then wrote this little dittie:

The hill in Saint Pill was the biggest of all
And one day a man went to the big little mountain
and had a big fall.
He fell in the pond where a ducked lived, named Nat,
Nat said "why did you do that?
Now my head feels just like a slurpy cow pat!"

Katie is preparing for a forthcoming model horse show. She busy making and mending tack for her models and ensuring riders' clothes are clean and correct. She's also getting ready for a week's stay at her grandparents' home and very much looking forward to a possible three riding lessons, through the woods, during her visit! With the terrible weather, and other things getting in the way, it seems an age since she last had a lesson and she's desperate to get back into the saddle.

Our HE group had an end of term get together last Friday. We were hoping to have a BBQ and sports party at one of the parks but, obviously, the rain decided to spoil things. Luckily, the playcentre we use for our sessions has an outdoor area sheltered from bad weather so the parents braved the wind and rain to BBQ as the children had fun, indoors to start with, on a mini obstacle course, space hoppers and circus equipment and then later outdoors in the pouring rain having a water fight! Lots of dripping wet kiddies by the end of the afternoon, but all had lots of fun. Looking forward to next "term" as we have lots of activities and sessions planned for all to enjoy and learn from.

Couldn't resist taking some up-to-date piccies of "our" ducklings fast turning into young ducks.

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This little one no longer has a high pitched squeak but a fully fledged quack.

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"Bottoms up!" You can see that they've all grown nearly as big as mum (on the far right). Their wings are still small though and their heads are smaller than the adult duck. They look so sweet when they are resting as they lay slightly on their sides and stick a leg out behind them!

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