Monday, September 10, 2007

Back to norms today

So we were back at normals this morning without any hassle. I've decided to go back to having half an hour (or more if needed) with each for their maths rather than trying to help both at the same time, often with totally different needs. It makes for a much easier life for me and them. For Katie we are using everyday situations for working out simple percentages (purchasing more oil for the tank and understanding percentage borrowing charges when buying a new car). For Ben, book work, today on number patterns which he picked up far too quickly, and recapping on his fractions/percentages and ratios poster he'd completed during the holidays.

Our new sofa turned up and so we took the opportunity of trying it out, snuggling together to read the first part of our DK book on Titanic, our latest history project. Katie and Ben both made notes of interesting bits and pieces ready for detailed writing tomorrow. We'll see how this goes as comprehensive I feel is important. Ben, like lots and lots of people of all ages, takes in what he wants, which is fine most times, but, as I'd like him to take some kind of qualifications in the future, won't always do. Helping him now will hopefully pay off.

Our Ordnance Survey maps turned up with the post so we spent a chunk of time over lunch pouring over a map of our area. Love looking at all the house and farm names and the weird names of sections of mud and sand in the Wash. A brilliant booklet came with it, although some of the ideas for understanding maps/coordinates etc., we've already covered. Still, plenty of other good suggestions for getting learning the art of map reading. Also with the post came a postcard from Royal Mail saying Katie had a package waiting for collection as the sender hadn't paid enough postage. When reading it further I noticed that the missing postage was for 1p and they had put a handling fee of £1.00 on top! What a cheek. The parcel was from my mum who weighed it and doubled checked the cost before sending it. We can only assume a 1p stamp (she'd used 5) had come off somewhere between leaving her and the sorting office. I can't believe they've held back something because 1p was missing - I feel a phone call coming on.

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