Sunday, January 07, 2007

Just a little spooky!

We have that "let's do the house up" New Year feeling that always seems to get to us this time each year (it's the only time we wander round MFI dreaming of replacing our extremely worn out kitchen, but never actually doing anything about it!).

Now that K's room is up and running (and still relatively neat and tidy after a week), we decided to put K's old bed back on top of B's to make up the bunk beds again so that B's friends can stay over. It took up most of Saturday morning to accomplish this task, having assembled the bed(s) a couple of times before realising that (1) the holes for the ladder where on the wrong end, and (2) the holes for the top rails where at the back not the front of the top bed! Got there in the end ... but ... something really spooky happened!

The top bed sits on wooden dowels that are screwed in top and bottom of each bed (if you get my drift). Having had to take them apart once because of slip up number (2) above, we screwed all the screws back in before we pushed the bunk beds closer to the wall. Anyway, as we moved the beds one of the legs came away from the dowel and P realised we must have missed a screw. Could we find that screw, nope, nowhere, we hunted high and low. So, we finished everything off, except the last screw, and I tidied the rest of the room thinking I'd find it - but didn't. As B was going to bed, I suddenly remembered the missing screw and suggested P find another to finish the job. When he went to screw the new screw in, yep, you've guessed it, the screw was already there!!! I tried lifting the bed (just in case the screw hadn't been screwed in properly), but it didn't budge. EEEKKK, what's going on there then?

Also, managed to put up the new curtains in the front room. P is such a hero, I'm so lucky to have a DIY kinda guy. He spent the afternoon hours of Saturday measuring, cutting and bending (it's a square bay) the curtain pole, drilling (and re-drilling because two screws snapped leaving the remains in the holes) and assembling the pole and finally putting up the curtains (without it all collapsing - not due to his work I must add, but because it's an old Victorian house and the plaster can, in places, be a little unstable!).
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