Sunday, December 10, 2006

We love this ...

We've had great fun with our new set of wax sheets which we bought from Qualballah here.

We combined this fun craft with fire safety! Probably because our house is pretty cold during winter (even with the heating on), we found it wasn't becoming pliable very easily in our hands so we held the small amounts of wax over a tealight, using a long skewer, until it had melted just a little bit. Obviously wouldn't recommend this if really young kiddies were doing it! We went through the safety bit, not holding it too close or for too long, to wait a tad before then manipulating it, etc., etc.

Great fun. Yesterday B produced a little man, K a pegasus and I decorated a plain candle. Today K and B used the wax to make incy candles - covering bits of string with wax and then lighting them. Good fun for them, not so good for me as I was left to clear up all the waxy puddles on the kitchen table left from the burnt out mini candles!

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They're loving it, and so am so, would certainly recommend this wax to you all.

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At 6:25 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Listen to the advice of this fair lady - she speeketh the truth. Buy my stuff. Or at least give me your money. I'm not too bothered which it is...

At 11:21 pm, Blogger Ruth said...

I put ours in warm water for a few minutes. Works the same way but probably not as fun:)


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