Thursday, November 16, 2006

The waddly, furry things have taken over!

Yep, found out about it on Monday afternoon, learnt more about on Monday afternoon, signed up for it on Monday evening and we all spent Tuesday afternoon playing it! Hooked? Yep! Oh, by the way, I'm talking about the Club Penguin site. You probably know it already, or your children do anyway, but here's the link (just click on the cute penguins):

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Kids were really, really pleased it was raining on Tuesday afternoon as we'd planned to go to the plot to do more digging, but rain forced us to play and seriously enjoy the Club Penguin site. All three of us have penguins and basically you go around your icey world meeting fellow penguins and holding little conversations with them. You can pick up buddies too! Penguins meet, say "hi" to each other and then you can send them an internal email asking if they'd like to be your buddy. 99% of the time they return a "yes" although B had a "no" at one point! Not sure yet what benefit buddies are but B and K picked up loads in their afternoon play and B liked hunting them down to play some of the games on the site. You need to play games to acquire "money" to purchase things, although you can't actually buy anything unless you join the club - haven't got that far yet. Some of the penguins have used their "money" to decorate their igloo homes amazingly, others wear weird and wonderful clothing and some have little furry pets that follow them around! Won't bore you anymore as you're probably fully aware of it all anyhow. Just wanted to add though that the site is said to be a safe site for children from ages 8 upwards, and there's obviously rules to follow, but I found it rather hard to know what to say to fellow penguins and some seemed rather amorous towards me! Apart from "hi", "how are you", etc., I felt I couldn't really say "what have you been up to today" without thinking the moderator may wonder why I was asking! Perhaps I'm alittle too sensitive to these things. Did come across three penguins having an argument about who was to be Mummy, Daddy and baby - strange?! - I waddled out of that room before I go ropped in to be Grandma! And before I close, my favourite room is the disco, where you can dance the night away and annoy the DJ as I did - he told me to "go away", perhaps my dancing wasn't up to much!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


At 4:08 pm, Blogger Classroomfree said...

I am resisting sneaking a peak, we all spend far to much time on the PC as it is....I am resisting...oh just a sneaky look then....

Thankyou, I think :-)


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