Monday, October 23, 2006

Allotment Fever

Seeing as how it's half term (already?!), rather than come to a complete halt with the kiddies "work", we've decided to wind down a bit (i.e. not do the dreaded maths each day!) and try to finish off some of our outstanding work from these last few weeks.

What I'd like finished is K's Red Pepper Story (which must be a novel by now), B's Star Wars project, the Take a Picture thing (yep, I really do have to work out how the collage thing works on Paint Shop) and perhaps even the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story and storyboard. That'll leave room to concentrate on the Around the World and start our Flat Stanley project by actually making a flattie to send around the world via Yahoo's flat traveller's site.

During the summer holidays, T and her family from the HE group and I decided to share a local allotment plot. Councils, being councils, have dragged their feet and still haven't accepted our payment for it, but apparently it's all ours to start work on (they've even rotivated it for us). Went along today to mark out our patch. All the kids had great fun as the earth so wonderfully squishy - we all came away a few pounds heavier lugging clumps of mud back to our car and homes! During tea, we had another chat about what we'd like to achieve on our plot. They are both very excited about it all and I hope I can make that last as it certainly is a commitment, especially at the start with all the boring weeding to do! K is keen to get weeding whatever the weather, so perhaps we'll trot along there again this week to make a start. Anyway, decided to start another blog all about the "plot" so people, and us, can keep tabs on it's progress. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


At 8:54 am, Blogger Classroomfree said...

Oooh, allotment sounds great. Think I shall have to look into waiting times for one here :-)


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