Monday, October 16, 2006

Sharing a piccie

Thought I'd share this lovely piccie of K and B sitting on the back flap of Elsie Mo during some greenlaning yesterday. We found three new lanes to explore. One circled a outdoor activity centre which looked worth exploring further at some point in the future. The second was long and bumpy and we found ourselves sandwiched between two large tractors with trailers containing heaps of freshly harvested sugar beet. The last led us through lots of muddy puddles and ended up running alongside the most gorgeous dream home - a good size cottage with a large pond and flowing water with a woodland garden - ahh (sigh). Maybe I could add something like that to my Christmas wish list!!

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At 7:33 pm, Blogger Classroomfree said...

Hmm, sounds like my ideal home too :-)

At 8:48 pm, Blogger sam said...

sounds like a fantastic day out.


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