Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Being Christmassy

I was hoping to get at least one more week of "work" this week, but it's not really happening! Christmas has finally arrived at our house so preparations for this, together with sorting out other HE things, has taken us over!

Today, after a little maths (!) we started making beautiful Christmas cards for friends and family. Here's some of our efforts. The one on the right (showing the inside of a card) has a little pouch of crushed cloves glued to the back of the dangling silver square. Just a little something to make the card opening event a little more Christmassy!

I think the kids and have done really well here. We picked up a couple of packs of cards making kits (6 cards/envelopes and an assortment of little bits and pieces) for a £1 each in the Pound Shop. Other card/bits used are either from our craft box or from the local reclaim store.

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K has also been busy finishing off little gifts for friends and a beautiful model horsey item (it's a secret) for her forum "secret Santa"! B spent a long time producing a lovely collage of houses, getting the idea from an Usborne crafts book. The idea is to add layers behind this to build up a small town. He worked on this all by himself, doing the cutting without any help (he finds this hard as he's left handed).

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Our visiting Flat Travellers from the USA have flown home now and we've received some lovely photos by email of B's Flat Lego George, currently in Pennsylvania, hanging on a Christmas tree, studying a home made tippee and playing with his host family!

We're also continuing to read the New Testament, discussing the Christmas story at present, and drawing a snowflake storyboard this time! Pics when we've finished! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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