Saturday, February 09, 2008

It got just a little worse before it got better!

So, following on from my rather bad Wednesday (blogged here), Thursday ended in tears! Mad hoovering and sprucing up the house for a sleepover on the Friday meant a disaster in Katie's room when I knocked her new and much prized resin model horse onto the floor. As it disaster happened time slowed right down (why is it you are never quick enough to catch the falling object, you just watch in horror?) before the inevitable thud and then smash. Actually, only a tiny section of one of the horse's legs smashed into lots of tiny pieces but immediately, once the gasps and moments of stunned silence stopped, Katie's tears began to flow. There is a silver lining to this rather dark cloud, I have been able to order her another one. It's a limited edition and there were 5 left! Phew! I've suggested, as it is so prized and she really only wants to "show" it, that the new one is kept in it's box and the old one can be repaired ready for display. She's a dab hand with the millput and paint when it comes to model making and mending!

So, apart from a few niggles over a group session on Friday, my bad two days see to have come to an end! The "poo man" turned up this afternoon and put a much needed smile back on my face. Lovely chap, talked for some time about how he came to work with "poo"! Long story, won't bore you, but he made P and me laugh!


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