Monday, January 14, 2008

Double birthday celebrations

P and Katie celebrated their birthdays, P on Saturday (I won't reveal his age, but it's a double figure that rhymes with "knock at the door") and Katie today has reached another double, 11. I find I always remember back to the day my children were born, usually the night before their birthdays - each child is such a marvellous miracle, so much love to give and so much they offer us everyday in their smiles, laughter and achievements. Photobucket

We had a lovely weekend, although it got off to a shaky start. We went to the first group meeting after Christmas on Friday, having left home at 6.45 in order to drop P off at work before our day could begin. As usual for a long Friday away from home, I got a headache around 3ish (I guess I'm beginning to wind down by then) and as usual, the ache progressed so quickly that any form of pain killer just didn't do any good. This time my head was worse then ever, so bad in fact that I threw up at m-in-l's just before leaving for home, and then twice more on the journey home (luckily we were able to pull over at convenient places each time!). P ordered me to bed asap and strangely enough, as always, I felt as right as rain on the Saturday. I hate this, it happens (although not quite as bad as this) every Friday we venture to the group. It must be a combination of a very early rise (5.30), quick breakfast, not enough fluids during the day and just too much going from here to there to get get togethers, shopping, visits and horseriding and piano all to be accomplished before picking P up to return home. Something needs to change I think.

Anyway, the group session on Friday was lovely. Lots of people turned up most bringing activities on the subject of Myths and Legends. The children, and adults, were kept busy indoors (as the weather was appauling) with games, sewing, Fimo, playdough and plastacine modelling, wordsearches (B seems to have a knack with these and can't get enough of them) and drawing. Saw lots of opportunity to continue the theme at home for the rest of this term ... keep you posted. Katie was thrilled to find her friend, who had recently moved to Wales, turn up at the session. Lots of girly chatter.

Saturday afternoon we had P's family over in the afternoon for pressie opening, cakes and the chocolate fountain. We got the combination right this time and the chocolate flowed very smoothly and was appreciated by all who participated, dipping chunks of fruit into the gorgeous brown stuff. Actually, when considering this post on Saturday night I was going to call it something on the lines of "a solution for those wishing to give up chocolate". Using the fountain is one thing - very yummy, naturally, but if you are left with the task of cleaning the damn thing afterwards it puts you right off the stuff. All the components have to be washed by hand and are sticky with chocolate, slimey with oil (needed to make the stuff flow properly) and the smell begins to really get to you as you scrub in endless bowls of clean piping hot soapy water. I've washed them all four times now and still think they need another going over. Great fun, but not good if you've over endulged at the table and then need to clear up afterwards!
Sunday the four of us headed out to the the DIY store initially to pick up some new paint colour palette booklets as we've got the bug to redecorate the three bedrooms. We came back having spent rather too much money on much needed bits and bobs for the home. We also stopped off at Asda for milk and spent another load in there (mainly thanks to me seeing a fabulous Spring/Autumn coat in the sales - but then I hardly ever treat myself). In the evening we'd booked for the four of us to try out the local Chinese early evening buffet which had been recommened to us. Katie and Ben had never been to a Chinese restaurant before and as Ben very kindly put it "this Chinese is much better than the Chinese you cook Mummy" (cheers!) - so we all thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Really reasonable price too, especially as you could return to the buffet tables as many times as you wished.

All pressies much loved all round. Katie is not one to show huge amounts of emotion when present opening, but it was great to see her get quicker and quicker at opening her main present from P and me when she realised it was a much wished for resin model horse. If only I'd captured it on camera. Also a much wished for snuggly dressing gown, a variety of plants, books and more model horses from relatives and friends made for a lovely birthday. Today, after a little maths, she and Ben have been playing a new PC game "Me and my Horse" which has caused much excitement for most of the day.
Not the resin, but another beautiful model Katie received.

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At 2:57 am, Blogger Beyondmywildest. said...

Happy Birthday! and Happy Birthday!

That chocolate fountain looks so yummy. I can't believe it takes so much cleaning though, I expect in our house it would be licked clean.

At 8:23 pm, Blogger Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Thanks Lucy. Licking the fountain clean - what a brilliant idea. Elle

At 4:59 pm, Blogger Nikki said...

Happy belated birthday K and P!!

Gosh, your Fridays do sound very stressful - I'm not surprised you tend to end up with a blinding headache! Even when all the things going on are pleasant, it's still such a lot to pack into a day!

At 9:49 pm, Blogger dottyspots said...

Oooh - belated Happy Birthday to more January people :0)


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