Monday, December 17, 2007

Golden Compass

A busy few days at the end of last week. Took Katie and Ben to see the Golden Compass on Thursday afternoon. We haven't read the book(s) and I hadn't even previewed the website (I have now, thank you Lucy, Katie and I have made our daemons) beforehand so we didn't really know what to expect. P had heard it hadn't been received too well by the press, but a couple of blogs I'd read said it was worth seeing. Unfortunately, Katie being extremely sensitive to anything untowards involving animals, found the film rather upsetting. She was very brave and just buried her head for most of it. Even Ben had tears in his eyes at times (although he certainly wouldn't admit it!). It was good, but I think I was expecting something on the lines of Narnia and did think perhaps my children would have understood it better if they'd been older.

In the evening I had the HE group's meeting to plan, once again, lots of fabulous things for next term. Returned home to P's parents for an overnight stay and found Katie very restless (due to the film), so neither of us (and probably P's parents too) got much sleep.

Friday morning he had our end of term group party which was brilliant. Very well organised with busy children and busy parents, lots of nattering, playing, eating and generally much enjoyment all round. After piano for Ben and horse riding for Katie (during which she took a rather nasty tumble off a 16.5 hands high horse and has amazing bruises to prove it) we all headed off to Peterborough museum to set up our craft stall ready for the Festive Fayre the following morning. Feeling quite nauseous and dizzy with tiredness by 8 p.m. we headed to Pizza Hut for a meal befor our trip back home. Fell into bed but couldn't sleep properly(typical). Remember waking up after a dream about hares (must be the film) and other weird and wonderful things.

Saturday, early start, headed back to Peterborough for the 10 a.m. start at the Fayre. Katie joined me and although we didn't sell bundles of stuff (actually, hardly sold anything), the day was brilliant because I was able to chat and really get to know a fellow blogger and HE group member. Katie loved meeting the Christmas pony (naturally) and the husky dogs and the highlight of her afternoon was being allowed out on her own with two friends to roam around town!

Sunday, a nice lie in and then we went and bought a potted Christmas tree. We spent the afternoon putting up decorations and lights and listening (much to the kids despair) to Christmas music and carols.

Today - big tidy up of the house, more fun with Christmas decorations and a little Christmas work thrown in as we sat around the fire (it's soooo cold outside).

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