Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I have risen from my sick bed!

Having bragged last week to HE members that none of us have suffered with illness since leaving school/work, I go and get a humdinger of a cold! Not usually one to let a little drippy nose get in the way of life, but this time I have been suffering with sneezes, dodgey tummy and head resulting in frequent trips upstairs to bed. Kids, naturally, have enjoyed my bout of illness as it meant they could play whatever they liked, including on the PC! 4p.m. this afternoon, all has changed! My sudden spurts of silliness have returned (noticed by K), so I must officially be on the mend, thank the Lord!

So, here's a round up of some things from last week and the weekend. Actually, I can't remember much from last week, but I remember we'd all decided that my head was complete and utter mush (more so than usual, must have been the start of the cold!). The reasoning behind this was because I rushed the kids through lunch on Monday in order for us to get to group bowling in time, only to find we were a whole hour early (but I wasn't the only one!). Other little things, including total chibberish coming out of my mouth added to the conclusion of mush! However, we did do two more maths posters, one on lines and one on coordinates/ direction (not sure why this featured in the shapes book, but it was interesting). Finished Japan, updated B's flat Matt diary and went with the HE group to Fenscape in Spalding to learn all about the Fens and the draining of them. Interesting place and my two seemed to enjoy it and remembered what the museum was all about, an added bonus obviously. Weather was good so they had a bit of a run (or gallop) around in the beautiful water gardens at Springfields. After this we went back to a friend's house for lunch and play (and natter) which was lovely.

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Coordinates and directions

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On Saturday we took the train down to London to show B's Flat Matt and K's newly arrived Flat Kim around the "big city". We printed off some 2 for 1 entry tickets (courtesty of the rail company) and had a good time in the Aquarium, it had changed since our last visit about three years ago and it wasn't too packed full with visitors (mind you it was pretty early!). We loved watching the sharks in the huge central tank and marvelling at the numerous pretty tropical fish that swim the coral reefs. We also got a chance to feel the Stingrays which was amazing, rough on the top and very smooth underneath. After a much needed McD's for lunch, we headed off to Winston Churchill's Britain at War museum in Tooley Street. Although small, the museum was full of interesting war time information, lots of donated war time items/letters, clothes and gas masks for the kids to try on and other interactive displays. We all sat in an Anderson shelter and listened to an overhead bomber dropping it's load - pretty scary stuff. Also, we walked through a London street Blitz scene which provoked lots of questions from K and B. During our time in London, the kids marvelled at the height of Big Ben and K asked to see The Gerkhin as it is her favourite new-build in the city, we also saw HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. The weather was cold but very bright, beautiful blue sky and the sun shining. It was such a shame we had to be booked on a 3.30 train home, but I think we managed to see quite a bit of London during our few hours there.

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Many thanks to those who have requested K and B's review magazine - it has been a total nightmare and we probably won't do it again! I have tried unsuccessfully to email the finished work but it is too large in size (even after taking out all the beautiful headings and downsizing the photos to tiny dots) so I tried to cut and paste it on to our Home Ed website, but no joy. Have had to re-type the children's work and find all the photos to make it look half-decent. Then my cold got in the way! Most of it is on the website but Photobucket went down and I haven't yet finished it - will try again tonight and then put up a link! Really sorry guys!

Other rather exciting news. Decided not to listen to Lucy's warning - we're on the move. Have been umming and arhing about moving for a while now, although we love our house and being in town as it is so convenient, but we have always wanted to try life in the country and decided a long time ago that now is probably the only time we'll be able to afford one last move (and it has to be to a detached house!) - so we've gone and done it! Found a lovely house way out by The Wash (will ensure the kids know how to swim really well as we'll be first to experience the effects of flooding due to global warming!) - sold our house and had an offer accepted on the new house in about three days!!! Scary stuff or what! Will keep you posted on how our savings are dwindling away with solicitor and agent fees, removals and other necessary expenses!

Here's a little woolie pony K has made - rather cute don't you think?

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Her name is "Peppermint Sherbert"

BTW - although the kids have enjoyed their early half-term break this week, B has this morning asked to do some work! Yippee, I love it when my kids ask to learn something! We've been looking at Chinese New Year ready for a group session tomorrow.
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At 6:21 pm, Blogger Nikki said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend now - I wondered why you'd gone quiet! And moving - wow - that sounds like it all happened pretty fast!

I love the posters you all do. We keep meaning to do posters on all kinds of things but never quite get round to it.

At 8:44 pm, Blogger Ruth said...

Wow your sale was fast. Sounds like a great week.


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