Monday, March 12, 2007

K and B have finished their "Around the World" lapbooks and have assembled them. They look fabulous and both are proud of the hard work they've put into them. We recapped on each section to see how much they could remember and, as it had taken us quite a while to work our way through this topic, it made it all the more interesting to remember the different things we'd done - the Plaster of Paris Egyptian Mummies, learning a little Italian and marching up and down like Greek Evzones!

We've also started to recap on the first of our maths posters now, starting with 2D shapes, to see how much has sunk in. K really enjoyed being tested on this and got a 10/10, B did well too with 7/10, just forgetting those silly names of different triangles was his downfall. We're making room for more maths posters now as this way of learning the "dreaded number work" seems to be good for them both.

The weather has been pretty decent recently so we made the most of the sunshine and went for a walk in some nearby woods and park to blow away the cobwebs. Actually we did this in preparation for a mini walk with the group on the Friday as part of our nature and art session. Lucky we did as the wood became boggier and boggier the further we went! K and B also enjoyed running up and down some artificial hills for the BMX track and trying out Galileo's potential energy as they hurled themselves down the very steep skateboard track too!

We enjoyed the nature/art session with the group making God's Eyes with twigs and wool, mini gardens, sand art and painting using natural resources (like beetroot, cabbage and turmeric). Some of the children decided to complete another section of the RSPB Action Awards by producing art work/written work getting their inspiration from a nature table we'd set up or the walk in the park we'd been on. Here's some piccies - K and B did these sand bottles too although we didn't do them for the group session. I think they look very pretty as the sand was quite damp and therefore looks darker than normal.
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A selection of mini gardens done at the group session, they all have grass seed in them ready for sprouting at a later date.

We decided to have a read about dog breeds (as Crufts has now started) using Enchanted Learning. K and B produced a lovely piece of writing on their favourite breed and K added information on the history of Crufts and a description on the art of Dog Agility which is of interest to her.

B's started a lapbook on Lego, checking out it's history to start with and writing about it. K's continuing with her horse lapbook and is adding lots of interesting facts.

On the house move front all is quiet. Apparently both ends of the short chain are ready to go with all searches and documentation in place. Guess I'll have to chase our solicitor - we've have had no post in a very long while. On the subject of post, I've noticed lately that we don't get post for several days and then get a large amount in one go. Anyone else notice this where they live? In fact, our postie is often wandering down our road as I'm pulling the bedroom curtains but within the last few weeks I've realised that I don't see him on his travels every day?! V. strange.
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