Saturday, April 05, 2008

Break from work, "old" friends and a trip to London

We're having our Spring work break at the mo and really relaxing (much needed). Well, sort of relaxing - it's still been hectic, but a nice kind of hectic if you know what I mean.

Starting with a lovely family lunch on Easter Monday (just a tiny bit behind with my posts aren't I?) where the children (including the "big" children) had great fun on a Wii playing tennis and bowling most of the time. Ben came away saying he really wants to learn tennis, but only if he has private lessons first to get to grips with it all! It seems he's a bit like this. He's very nervous about joining clubs incase he's not very good or can't understand how to do the activity. He needs to know he can do it before he joins! I'm hopeless at tennis - much better at badminton (as it's a slower pace) so I'm not a good teacher, but luckily we have a group tennis session this Friday, which he's going to try.

On the Wednesday, Katie had a pony day which, I think for the first time, wasn't wet (although they'd forecast that it would be), but cold. As always, she had a brilliant time. However, in the evening she told us that she'd muddled through with blocked ears and a stinking headache. This seemed to last until Sunday evening unfortunately so we had to cancel friends staying on the Saturday night. Poor love was quite down in the dumps but I think it was the first proper under the weather illness she's had since leaving school nearly three years ago - not bad.

Made the most of nicer weather that weekend for gardening with Paul buying a much needed chainsaw. I hate the things, you hear such horrible stories about chains flying off and doing such damage. However, we really needed to get our dead Rowan tree down, plus the plum tree (that's growing out of the septic tank drains - not a good thing, obviously) and with all the other trees in the garden, and log sawing for the fire, we knew we'd get a lot of use out of one. After the initial thinking that the new chainsaw wasn't any good (it wasn't cutting), and having listened to me (aren't women always right?), he realised the chain was on the wrong way round, but once fixed, he was off. Keeping his feet firmly on the ground (there was no way I was letting him up a ladder with that thing), we cut the tree down which landed with a massive thud and left indents in the ground. To say he loved using the chainsaw would be an understatement. I'll have to keep I eye on the other trees now incase he gets ideas! Sadly, our neighbour, just two days later, had a rather nasty accident with his bench saw and it appears he's now lost his right thumb and second finger from the knuckle up and completely sliced through his first finger cutting the tendon. These powerful tools are certainly dangerous things.
Tuesday we had "old" friends for lunch. Not old at all of course, but two families who were good friends with us at school. We hadn't seen each other for a much needed natter and catch up for far too long and it was lovely having them here. All the children (and adults) got on fabulously. Much jumping on the trampoline, footy in the garden and playing in the house. One family are also home edding and live not too far from us so hopefully we'll see more of them.

Thursday and Friday Paul and I spent in London. Can't remember the last time we had a couple of days away together - it was special. Paul used some hotel card points to secure us a free room at the Intercontinental on Park Lane and we were upgraded to a rather nice room on the top floor upon arrival, with a complimentary tray of goodies too. Thursday afternoon we spent at a rather dreary Ideal Homes. I haven't been for about 11 years (gulp) and so was really disappointed at how it had all changed. Much more space (or was it fewer people) and no small stalls full of interesting bits and bobs that me, my sister and mum used to spend all our pennies on. Even the houses on show weren't up to much we didn't think. Never mind, it was a day out and we did find some extremely scrumptious liquorice in various flavours to munch on whilst mooching round.

Curry in the evening and lots of walking to see the sights. Friday morning we headed for Harrods and were one of the first through the doors at 10 a.m. Felt a little intimidated until more people had arrived. Such prices! We were looking at the TVs for £3 or £4,000 and then found one at £800 which seemed a bargain not to be missed (no, we didn't buy it). Children have their own floor in the department store not just for toys, shoes and "ordinary" clothes, but for their own hairdressers and designer clothes room! Looking round the fossil and mineral gallery was my favourite - just like looking round a museum. We bought danish pastries for a late breakfast and later bought baquettes for lunch from the best part of the store - the food halls. Love all the little food bars dotted around - chocolate bar, dim sum bar, coffee bar to name just three. And the spookiest bit - the wax statue of Mr. Al Fayad himself!

Watched the Grand National this afternoon (through my fingers - I hate seeing horses (and riders) fall). I picked the winner - just wish I'd placed some money on him!

Weather's turned very cold again but hopefully the spring onion and leek seeds that we planted last week will survive. Katie's also planted a host of summer flowering bulbs in her patch. We stopped off at a wholesale plant shop for Katie to buy a Gerbera for her collection to see she had to buy a tray of 6 for £2.99. When we went to pay, the lady asked how many trays were left outside (three), and said we could have them all for free! Needless to say her room, and our home look very pretty at the mo!

Another busy week next week with more social activities, sleepovers, group cooking for Katie and tennis for Ben and then our planning meeting on Thursday evening. That comes around too quickly!

Had been busy redecorating Ben's room over Easter too. Here's a pic of the finished room - looking very crisp and clean. Love the two beanbags he chose, they're so comfy to sit on, and a new, warm, rug makes it much nicer for him to play on the floor.


At 8:39 am, Blogger Lima said...

Love that bedroom, it does indeed look very crisp and clean. I must get around to doing my boys room soon...

At 11:19 pm, Blogger Lisa said...

Wow, you've been busy! Love the new room.


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